Why we're like nothing you've seen before

We work on mobile devices

Firefly allows a customer to start co-browsing right from their phone or tablet device. Our co-browsing software works on any device with a browser.

These guys don't

We don't require downloads

Firefly is completely download free both for the customer and the rep. That means you can start a co-browsing session instantly without waiting for a complicated installation process.

These guys do

We don't require Java or browser plugins

Many supposedly “installation-free” co-browsing services require Java. That means if one of your customer doesn’t have Java, or their Java version is outdated you’ll have to spend precious minutes on the phone helping them to get it installed. You’ll never run into this with Firefly.

These guys do

We’re more private, more secure and more lightweight

With Firefly a rep only sees what’s on the customer's web page itself. Not their browser and not their computer. This not only makes us a more comfortable co-browsing option for the customer, it’s what allows us to run effortlessly with zero downloads.

These guys aren't

No downloads required
No Java required
See the browser,
not the computer by default
Interact with a web page, not an image
Runs instantly with Javascript