Don't want a button on the side of your website? Let's talk about Stealth Mode

Hide our button and activate Firefly with Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode allows your customers to activate Firefly with only keyboard shortcuts. When Stealth Mode is activated, our button does not show up on your page and the customer has to start the co-browsing session by
pressing Ctrl + Enter.

When you use Stealth Mode, Firefly won‘t overload you with support requests and it will also integrate cleanly with other support plugins on your website. Stealth Mode is available on our Pro and Ultimate plans. Learn more here.

Stealth Mode also works great with live-chat plugins. Click here to find out more.

Want a custom implementation? Start Firefly with Javascript

Don‘t want to use a button or Stealth Mode? Firefly is also easily activated with Javascript commands. After you‘ve loaded our Javascript, just callfireflyAPI.start(); anywhere on your page to start a co-browsing session.

That means you can start co-browsing from anywhere within your website in whatever way suits you best.

Still not convinced?