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How Firefly bootstrapped a 6-figure business from school

"Firefly founder Dan Shipper is interviewed by Mixergy host Andrew Warner about Firefly's business and co-browsing technology."Read More



eMoney and Firefly Give Financial Advisors Remote Meeting Capabilities

"eMoney Advisor a leading provider of advanced wealth and goal-planning solutions for financial advisors, has announced a strategic partnership with Firefly, an innovator in seamless web-sharing capabilities."Read More



Innovating Web-Based Customer Service

"Firefly Co-Founders Dan Shipper and Justin Meltzer discuss the company's co-browsing customer service product with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's 'Money Moves.'"Read More



Student ventures FTW: Dorm Room Fund-backed Firefly announces Olark partnership

"Well now there’s Philadelphia-based Firefly, a company that makes Web co-browsing technology, heralding itself as proof for student upstarts. The company, which received $20,000 in support from First Round Capital-backed Dorm Room Fund, is announcing today a partnership with live chat company Olark."Read More



Firefly, Which Handles Co-Browsing The Web For Customer Support, Partners With Olark

"Firefly, which took funding from First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund, is partnering with YC-backed Olark to give customer support specialists the ability to co-browse the web with clients that might be having trouble."Read More


Inc. Magazine

America's Coolest College Startups - Firefly: Making Screensharing Dead Simple

"How do you show someone in another location exactly what you're seeing on your computer screen? Other solutions out there, such as Cisco's WebEx or GoToMeeting, can get the job done but they require clunky downloads to do it. Firefly is lightweight--no downloads, browser plugins, or Java required--and it works on any device."Read More



College Entrepreneurs Create Software to Help Businesses Thrive

"Firefly, is download-free and limits viewing to the one website the customer is visiting \(as opposed to allowing access to the entire computer\). 'A lot of companies didn't know this was even possible,\" Meltzer says, \ "It allows them to [handle more calls] in the same amount of time.'"Read More



Philly's Plan to Retain Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs

"Philadelphia is joining the list of East Coast cities developing a strategy to keep start-up companies and entrepreneurs local as a way to revitalize the city. Deirdre Bolton reports on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves.""Read More



Firefly raises $20K from First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund

"Firefly, a screen sharing utility created by University of Pennsylvania undergrads, has raised a $20,000 seed round from First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund. First Round originally launched the $500K fund in September to help finance startups built by current students or recent college graduates."Read More


Pando Daily

Philly student-investors choose Dorm Room Fund’s first deal: Firefly

"Deals like these are exactly why First Round Capital started the Dorm Room Fund. In the Fall, the Philadelphia-based venture firm announced it would give a team of students $500,000 to invest in Philly-based companies built by other students."Read More


Fund lets students follow entrepreneurial dreams

"Think about Facebook, Dell, Yahoo, Google - all businesses started by college kids in their dorm rooms, or in their garages. Or the equivalent - such as the West Philly apartment where three University of Pennsylvania entrepreneurs spent last summer holed up in burrito-fueled marathon programming sessions to create Firefly, an online customer-service company."Read More



Firefly: Dorm Room Fund announces $20k investment in Penn undergrad startup

"Hundreds of applications later, First Round Capital‘s student-run venture fund has made its first investment. The Dorm Room Fund will invest $20,000 in Firefly, the screen-sharing startup run by Penn undergrads Dan Shipper, Patrick Leahy and Justin Meltzer, it announced today."Read More



Penn students build Firefly to make co-browsing dead easy

"It’s sometimes easy to get jaded about the tech startup scene, which can seem more a grab for fame and fortune than true believers doing what they love. That’s why it’s fun to come across a startup like Firefly, the creation of four University of Pennsylvania undergraduates who want to make it drop-dead easy for companies to guide customers through their websites by co-browsing or sharing screens without plugins or downloads...."Read More



Firefly: Screen Sharing For Customer Service & Competition To’s GoInstant

"Firefly is a new browser-sharing service that has striking similarities to GoInstant, the company that acquired earlier this year for $70 million. Like GoInstant, Firefly has found a way to break through the complications of software-based web conferencing with a service that allows the sharing of web pages without any plug-in needed...."Read More