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Firefly makes your customer support faster,
more efficient and more flexible

One snippet of code to install

While traditional screensharing software requires you and your customers to download custom software or install browser plugins, Firefly cobrowsing just works with no downloads and no installations. Just add one snippet of code to your site’s header tag and you’re ready to start cobrowsing with your customers.

Start cobrowsing at the click of a button

Our script tag will add a support button to the left side of every page it is installed on. This process is fast and done in a 100% asynchronous non-blocking fashion. That means our button won’t affect page load time. Firefly works completely in the browser with no downloads and no installations for the customer. When customers want to start cobrowsing, all they have to do is click the support button.

Don’t want a button, but still want cobrowsing? Click here.

We're customer friendly

Unlike most screensharing software, we don’t require your customer to recite a long string of numbers for you to connect to their screen. This causes confusion and slows down the support process.

Once the customer clicks the support button, they can easily recite our session code to their customer representative over the phone. With this code the customer rep can quickly and easily connect to their screen.

Want to use Firefly with a live chat plugin? We do that too. Click here.

We're simple for reps

Once the customer gives them the code, customer reps can easily login to Firefly, type it in, and connect to their browser. They can then follow the customer through the site and help them find difficult to see parts of the page and fill out forms.

Reduce customer frustration with highlights

It can be very difficult to describe hard to find elements of the website over the phone. Firefly makes this easy with our highlighting tool. Customer reps can select and highlight elements of the page so that customers can easily find where they’re supposed to click. Our highlighting tool makes your customers active participants in your representative's presentation and helps them learn your application interactively during the support call, reducing call times and increasing customer happiness.

Our highlighting tool works across all major browsers including IE 9+. Learn more here.

Watch as forms are filled out

With Firefly, you can watch as customers fill out forms in real-time allowing you to catch mistakes before they happen. Firefly also redacts sensitive information like passwords from form fields. This means that your customer’s password never hits our server, and is never seen by the customer rep.

Works behind firewalls and logins

Firefly runs in the browser and transports page data using secure encryption over Port 443. This means it works behind corporate firewalls. Firefly also works behind application logins: if a customer is already logged into your website when they initiate cobrowsing, your representative will see their page perfectly, with no need for a separate log in.

Track call times with our analytics

Firefly keeps track of every cobrowsing session you do with your customers. This lets you get a high level overview of how much time you spend on the phone with your customers over time. You can even watch cobrowse requests get made in realtime.

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