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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is screensharing?

Screensharing allows remote viewing one computer by another one. Typically, screensharing software is downloaded onto a both computers in order to initiate a session. Many screensharing services allow the ability to control the host computer. The fact that screensharing allows one person to see and control someone else's entire computer presents privacy issues that we try to solve.

What is co-browsing?

Co-browsing is similar to screensharing except it's targeted specifically at websites. With cobrowsing, two people can browse the web together while on separate computers. Cobrowsing is typically used when people want to shop together, or for sessions involving more than two people.

What is browser-sharing?

Browser-sharing is what Firefly does. With browser-sharing, a customer that needs help only shares the specific webpage that they are on. They don't share their entire computer. Browser-sharing is also typically done from one person to another, and not from one person to an entire group. Browser-sharing is more privacy focused than traditional screensharing. Our implementation also requires no downloads for the customer, and works completely in the browser with JavaScript.

Can I see a customer's entire screen?

With Firefly you can only see the web page that the customer is viewing. This provides a much more private, and secure browser-sharing experience than other screensharing providers.

Does Firefly require downloads?

Most screensharing software requires downloadable plugins or 3rd party software. Firefly requires none of that, and runs completely in the browser with JavaScript.