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What is co-browsing?

Cobrowsing is like screen sharing, but it’s limited to the browser and it's lightning fast. With our co-browsing, a remote viewer can connect up to a presenter’s browser instantly and show them around a website by highlighting different elements of the page. They can also click links or fill out forms remotely - all with no downloads or installations for either party.

While most screen sharing software allows a viewer to see a presenter's entire computer, Firefly only shows what's on the presenter's web page itself - not other open tabs, and not other open applications - making it much more secure than a traditional solution.

No downloads or installations

Our co-browsing runs natively in the browser with Javascript. That means it never requires any downloads, installations, plugins, or Java to run. It’s 100% instant.

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Runs on ANY device with a browser

Firefly will run on Mac or PC, but it also works if the customer is using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. All with no downloads or installations.

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Private and secure

Our co-browsing has gone through the same processes that are used to deploy software to security conscious Fortune 100 companies.

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We make happy customers

“Firefly takes the wild-goose chase out of our support process.”


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“Our customers are AMAZED by Firefly!”


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Olark is a live chat company used by thousands of small to medium-sized busineses around the world.

In 2012 Olark began to search for a co-browsing solution to integrate as a feature into their platform. After a thorough hunt, they decided to integrate Firefly into their platform and make it available to all of their customers.

They use co-browsing inside of Olark's platform to quickly diagnose issues, navigate complicated interfaces, and guide customers through the checkout process.

The results have been exciting:

"Just wanted to say that Olark’s new co-browsing solution makes me so happy that I might cry."

Drew Bagley, Zentila

eMoney Advisor is a technology company specializing in wealth-planning software for financial advisors. eMoney's suite of solutions is used by over 7,000 financial advisors at leading financial services firms around the country, including TD Ameritrade, Guardian, LPL, New York Life, Northern Trust, and others.

eMoney integrated Firefly’s co-browsing technology into their platform to allow their financial advisors to create a high-touch collaborative experience for their clients without having to resort to traditional screen sharing technologies like WebEx or GoToMeeting.

"What this means is that advisors can easily ‘present’ to clients any time, any where."

Edmond Walters, CEO eMoney

For Platforms
For Large Enterprises

We power platforms across the web

Whether you’re looking to add collaboration to your app, or just want co-browsing as part of your customer support suite, our co-browsing API has you covered with just a few lines of code.

A scalable, customizable, co-browsing solution that can be set up in less than a day

True Javascript co-browsing software is incredibly difficult to build. At Firefly, it’s our core competency. We can provide your platform with a scalable and reliable co-browsing solution that you can integrate within minutes.

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